April 1, 2006

Despite the date, this is note a joke post, I promise. I am switching my blog back to Blogger – everything has already been moved and I'm about to redirect the URL.If you are a regular reader, I hope you will follow me over there, as I don't intend to stop reading anyone myself. If you already link to the URL, you don't need to do a thing. If you link to the WordPress address, you'll want to switch that. The new RSS feed address is

Barring unimaginable circumstances, my blog(s) and any future blog(s) will be on Blogger. While I enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use that offered, it just felt too limiting. That, combined with the increased server downtime since the deployment of their "widgets" (and their phenomenal growth rate) combined with the awareness that it might just be my last available chunk of free time to switch things over, and I made the leap. So… Blogger it is!

For my friends on LiveJournal, you can add the new syndication feed variance_art ( to get posts from the new (and final!) blog. Remember not to comment on the feed posts that show up on your friends list – I will most likely never see tham. Comments on the actual Blogger post get emailed to me.